Why you should choose us?

  • 1) Our results are tested at Forexpeacearmy's managed accounts test
  • 2) We trade with very minimized risk
  • 3) We provide investment consultancy service for free of cost
  • 4) Our results are consistent and the drawdown is very less
  • 5) We follow strict money management rules
  • 6) Have verified long term track record with consistent profit
  • 7) Our track records are verified by Myfxbook and MT4i
  • 8) We trade with regulated prime brokers and ecn brokers
  • 9) Your money in your name in your account with the broker you choose
  • 10) We are transparent and provide excellent customer support


Up to 125% of yearly profit or 1 Million US Dollars in 5 to 6 years

We don't promise you sky-high profits and don't claim to provide you with consistent gains of 100% a month. Our target is more feasible, that is to give you a real opportunity to generate up to 125% per year. Making a one-time investment of 10,000 to 15,000 US Dollars, you get a chance to earn up to 1 Million US Dollars in 5-6 years.

How to earn a million dollars? This question tickles the brains of many. And we have a sound solution to it. You don’t have to make big investments and you don’t need to follow any high-risk strategies. A one-time investment of $10000-15000 with 6-8% of steady monthly gains and your long-dreamt-of million is in your pocket in some 5-6 years. For instance, our low-risk strategies give you about 5 to 7% returns a month (please mind that the rate may vary from month to month). Thus, if you invest $15000, in 6 years they will grow into 2,003,475.06 US Dollars and, after paying the performance fee to your account manager, you will eventually get about 1,001,737.53 US Dollars. Of course, the larger deposit you make, the bigger profit you receive in the end.

You may wonder where we took the figures. Ok. Look. The thing is that each month profits are capitalized, which means that they are added to the existing assets on the account and get involved in further operations. The profit on these investments is calculated by the compound interest formula.

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Forex Managed Accounts

Forex Managed Accounts

Are you looking for a good fund manager to manage your portfolio? You have come to the right place. We can manage your account with very minimal risk and generate good profit.

Investment Vs Savings

Investment Vs Savings

Before we start to clarify difference between investment and saving, it’s very important for you to understand a few basics. One of the big keys is that saving and investment are two related...

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We provide world class customer support to all our clients. We make sure all our client's questions are answered on time. We have an exclusive customer support team to respond quickly to your questions...


Trading Philosophy

Many of the daily challenges we face in the markets are caused by shocks and cycles. Every passing day, sentiment and crowd mentality plays an ever-increasing role in financial markets above and beyond fundamentals.

This in turn makes long-term fundamental trends more difficult to judge. As new trends emerge, existing technical systems lose their efficacy and success rates inevitably diminish. But one constant will remain – the majority will lose and the minority will win.

We therefore view the market as a collective, with the crowd under the control of a few, rather than as a true reflection of fair value. The market only survives because the majority provides liquidity with their losses.


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